2018 Ford Focus SEL Delights Springville Drivers

When talking about the most popular cars, sedans are still plenty popular thanks to their safety features. The cars are lower to the ground and have a nice center of gravity that SUVs will never be able to match.

When talking about the Ford Focus SEL sedan, safety is certainly attractive but features like the SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system. Ford has been working on this kind of tech before most cars and that means it's gotten closer to getting it entirely right quicker than any other. There is also the fact that the car can comfortably seat five people.

That means that you are going to want to check it out for yourself. If you are wanting to give yourself a look up close at one of these cars in Springville, NY, you can head on over to Emerling Ford Inc. and get behind the wheel because this Ford Focus is officially available for test drive.

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