Don't Forget to Check Your Air Filters

Air quality is an important element for a decent car ride. The reason being is that fresh air in the cabin makes for a more enjoyable experience, while clean air for your engine equates to better engine performance. Cabin and engine air filters play a primary role in keeping air quality levels where they need to be.

The air filters that are part of your vehicle's climate control system are designed to remove dust, pollen and other adverse particles from the air within the cabin. The engine air filter performs a similar task by preventing airborne contaminants from entering the engine. As both of these filters to their job, they will become dirty and clogged over time necessitating occasional maintenance.

If you notice that your vehicle's filters have become overly dirty and have experienced a lack of power and acceleration, then it may be time to get them checked or replaced. Bring your vehicle to our service center at Emerling Ford Inc. in Springville and will get you sorted out and on your way.

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