What's the Purpose of an Alternator?

Complex parts work together to ensure a motor vehicle works effectively. The alternator serves a critical function. The part allows the electrical system in a vehicle to perform as expected. Alternators do not last forever so car owners must be vigilant and be mindful of any problems.

While a vehicle is running, the alternator generates electricity to keep the battery charged and generate power through the electrical system. Flickering lights on the dashboard panel may indicate a failing alternator.

An alternator can become dirty, which undermines the part's ability to function. A simple cleaning could restore the part to the proper working condition. However, if the part is damaged or worn out, it must be replaced.

Car owners in the Springville area may be wondering if their alternator must be replaced. Bring the car to our service center here at Emerling Ford Inc. and our mechanics will check things out and, if needed, perform the right fix.

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