People, Planet, Profits: Ford Focused On Doing Business Better


When Henry Ford opened his first production plant in Highland Park, Michigan, he had a goal embodied by the philosophy "waste not, want not". So bent on being smart about how he produced vehicles, he even wound up using "Spanish Moss" as an affordable, eco-friendly seat stuffer. When customers started complaining about being itchy after driving their vehicles, it was discovered the material sometimes contained mites, and needless to say, Ford revised their strategy!

Today, Ford's environmental efforts are much more pronounced. This year marks the publication of Ford's 18th Annual Sustainability Report. Right now 82 production plants are true zero waste facilities Ford also currently recycles 20,000,000 pounds of aluminum each month!

If you're interested in all the ways that Ford cares about preserving the health of our environment and how that impacts human rights, keep abreast of Ford news. If you're interested in any new Ford models, visit Emerling Ford. We can promise you that no Ford model interiors are made with Spanish moss, that's for sure!

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