Road Signs We Commonly Ignore

Traffic signs are usually very easy to spot. They're there for our safety, but many people seem to disregard them or only halfway obey them. There are three traffic signs that people seem to ignore most often even though they know what they mean. These signs include:

  • No U-Turn Traffic Sign - This means that it is illegal to make a U-turn at the intersection. If you're caught making a U-turn this could affect cause you to lose points on your driver's license and your insurance premiums to increase.
  • Stop Signs - Stop signs help keep drivers and pedestrians safe. You are supposed to come to a complete stop. Failure to stop at a stop sign causes thousands of accidents a year.
  • No Right or Left Turns Traffic Sign - This self-explanatory sign prohibits drivers from turning left or right. They're put at certain intersections due to the flow of traffic and should be adhered to in order to prevent an accident.
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