Ford Donates Vehicles to Support Mobility Disabled Veterans

While most people know Ford solely for its role as an automotive manufacturer, we wanted to share other ways in which the company operates in society. For instance, did you know that the automaker has a philanthropic branch known as Ford Fund through which is support people worldwide? In fact, recent press releases state that the Ford Motor Company recently allocated a portion of this fun to provide eight new vehicles to the DAV Transportation Network fleet. This effectively helps disabled military veterans gain access to the mobility they need!

The relationship between Ford and DAV goes back over 95 years. Since that time, it has presented over 215 vehicles to the cause. One of the most recent additions includes a Ford Flex utility vehicle, a model that is not only reliable in performance but comfortable enough to seat seven passengers. Ultimately, these Ford vehicles will help disabled veterans go to the hospital so that they can meet their doctors regularly and with ease. Over 700,000 disabled veterans have been transported through this effort.

At Emerling Ford, we appreciate that the automaker cares for people, and that is why we aim to do the same here at our dealership. By concentrating our efforts on helping folks like you who live nearby in Springville, New York, we hope to impart similar thoughtfulness as demonstrated by our brand.

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